Where Are The Girls?

Mondays, 7pm – 8.30pm, Nov 9 – Nov 30


Price: £48/40 conc

Tutors: Laura Mee, G Sian

Booking Information:
7pm – 8.30pm, Mondays.
4 sessions.


Why after millennia of civilisation are we singling out the female gender as a topic for discussion? Well, because there persists a patriarchy that authors and authorises our culture, and the entertainment industry is its mouthpiece.

‘Where are the Girls?’ examines the position of women in front of and behind the shrewd lens and smooth screens of cinema.
G Sian and Dr. Laura Mee invite you to unravel the tangled threads of passivity, servility and sexuality, seduction, liberation and provocation. They will explore where we are with womanhood in cinema, how we arrived here and how we proceed.

Finally, can we ultimately do away with the ‘F’ word – feminism?

Week – by – week
Week 1
: …and the Losers are…
Oscars 2015 – Today is yesterday’s legacy, so what have we achieved?

Week 2: The Moon and the Moon Dial
Do women have to make films about women?

Week 3: Hang the Cliché
Sisters are doing it for… everyone.

Week 4: What hasn’t been said?
The film we dare the industry to make.




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